TRC’s economists have assisted law firms or represented  exporters directly in hundreds of antidumping, countervailing duty and safeguard  investigations all over the world. Many have served in government agencies conducting trade remedy investigations. TRC provides support in antidumping investigations in following areas.

Accounting and Financial Support

TRC’s consultants are highly skilled in extracting the accounting and financial data from companies’ systems as required in complex questionnaires issued by the government authorities in antidumping and countervailing duty investigations. Such data is normally not readily available in the sales and accounting systems of most companies. Our multilingual consultants directly work with the company staff to develop the methodologies to obtain the required calculations. We work closely with the company’s counsel and staff  in virtually all aspects of a case, from formulation of initial response strategies and preparation of questionnaire and supplemental submissions through verification and the public hearing process.

Our services include:

•    Initial coordination of the response strategy such as setting up project teams within the company and reviewing of the company’s operations, production facility, data systems etc.
•    Provide guidance to the company staff and management to meet the strict requirements  in the antidumping questionnaires such as sales and production information, calculations and supporting documentation
•    Assist companies in developing verifiable and traceable methodologies to compute product specific cost of production figures
•    Perform the requested reconciliations of sales and cost data to the company's financial statements
•    Prepare company for the thorough audits of the government officials. In these audits which are called "verifications”, the authorities seek to establish the accuracy and the veracity of the information submitted. Our consultants participate in these verifications on the company’s behalf and present the supporting calculations and documentation used in the submissions
•    Provide dumping margin estimates to assist the company management assess their situation
•    Analysis of the preliminary and final findings of the authority and identify areas that should be challenged
•    Participating in public hearings to present company’s arguments in support or opposition of the findings
•    Defining and implementing price monitoring systems to mitigate clients' duties in future proceedings

Systems & Data Processing

TRC maintains a large in-house data processing capability to assist clients in the organization and synthesis of quantitative information. All members of the systems staff have extensive knowledge of SAS and SQL programming, ORACLE databases and strong educational backgrounds. The staff is particularly well versed in the organization, manipulation and analysis of large-scale databases. TRC's staff has experience with varied types of data and clients, having worked with numerous companies, industries, and national governments in the U.S. Turkey and around the world. Our data analysis capability enables us to rapidly evaluate multiple scenarios and variables to establish the best strategy. This is crucial in making accurate estimates when the data collection process is constantly continuing and there are many scenarios that should be considered. Our programmers use the SAS statistical analysis software for data analysis, which is the same software used by the U.S. Department of Commerce analysts in the antidumping investigations and reviews.

Economic Analysis for Injury Determination

Using their economic and analytical expertise, TRC ‘s consultants are highly skilled in in the prosecution or defense of "injury" cases before the administering authorities. Our familiarity with numerous different industries enables us to tailor custom strategies taking into account the different economic realities of every case. Our services include assistance in responding to the importer or producer questionnaires and economic/econometric analyis of the validity of injury  claims and, potentially, suggesting alternative causes of injury. TRC can also conduct the market research required for a successful injury analysis. Our consultants have a preference of being on-site and can utilize many resources in gathering the required information including talking to industry players such as importers, traders, reaching opinions of relevant academic experts and obtaining news and publications.